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Slovakian, Polish and Finnish superheroes created by pupils  from schools:

Liminganlahden yhtenäiskoulu, Finland,

Základná škola Ľudovíta Fullu, Slovakia,

Szkoła Podstawowa im. Jana Pawła II w Kluczach, Poland

travel together around Europe and write a travel blog from the three countries.


The main aims of the project are for the pupils to learn English by using it in practice and to learn about other cultures and geography. They will write and speak English with people from different countries, with children with whom they can only communicate using English. The children will tell others about their everyday life in their own country and hear how other children live in other countries.

Work process

After choosing a logo for the project and creating profiles for participating pupils all participating classes will create their own superhero paperdoll with characteristics related to their own country and culture (one superhero/country). They will also explain why they chose the characteristics they chose. The superhero dolls will travel together in all three participating countries (Finland in December, Slovakia in January and Poland in February) and write a travel blog during their trip. Eventually they fly back home and collect feedback from the pupils.

Expected results

There will be a blog about the Superhero travels for also other people to read.

Aneta Miszczyńska