Title of the project: HEALTHY LIFESTYLE


Participants: Students from Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Poland

Schedule of the project:

Part 1. February – HEALTHY FOOD (typical for each country)

Part 2. March – HEALTHY  ACTIVITIES (indoors, outdoors)

Part 3. April – sum up- share materials – healthy lifestyle – healthy kids

Objectives for teachers:

  1. Remember – your own eating and lifestyle choices are powerful teaching tools.
  2. Helping your children to learn HEALTHY EATING HABITS.
  3. Students know how to prepare healthy lunches or snacks and share their ideas with other.
  4. Teaching your children to stay active .
  5. Student know that staying in shape is not only healthy but also fashionable.


  1. More awareness of healthy lifestyle among children.
  2. Students know how to prepare HEALTHY LUNCHES and SNACKS.
  3. Students learn how to spend breaks at school in an active way.

All students’ work will be display on eTwinning Twinspace.

Aneta Miszczyńska


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